Certified HVAC Professionals

Building Assessments

Professional and Independent Audit (charges may apply)

“It’s a better process with better results”

All Seasons will independently audit the Mechanical Plant (HVAC) of your building to provide a full written report including its current status, maintenance shortfalls, upgrade and replacement options and a plan for going forward with consultation. 

Building owners, prospective purchasers and commercial property managers will find this service we provide essential to make informed decisions.



Example 1:
Opportunities we have found for existing clients include heat recovery which captures the exhaust heat from spill air to preheat the fresh air supply.

Early morning winter air can be preheated from say 5 degrees to 13 degrees at virtually no running cost! This can save thousands in electricity and even more when we use heat pump technology to further preheat fresh air from 13 degrees to 18 degrees before this air enters the building. Of course this can all be reversed in summer for cooling with further savings.

Example 2:
When requested to review problems an owner was having with a compressor, the oil was tested and found to contain moisture. The leaks were found, repaired and the compressor was saved. Further, the remaining 3 compressors were found to contain moisture and were due for an early grave. These have also been saved.

One of the condensing fans was found to be wired incorrectly, minimising heat rejection and efficiencies. The system was found to be running at 60% capacity due to insufficient refrigerant charge. This made temperature control impossible with tenants having complained for at least two years and having to use personal fans and heaters. It would have cost the owners tens of thousands of dollars and the probability of losing key tenants had we not intervened.

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